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The database of diseases and symptoms is in Russian. We start the translation campaign to translate database to English language. Please visit our page at Indiegogo.
Symptom House application helps to determine the list of probable diseases by several symptoms. For sure such solution can not be 100% correct but it can be very useful at diagnostics start point. The app works in both directions — from symptoms to diseases and vice versa. It has two modes: «Doctor» and «User». The modes provide different ways of working with database. The app provides details, references and pictures for each symptom and disease. That’s why it is useful to get plenty of information and that’s why it can be used as advanced handbook at any point of diagnostics.
We are close to complete useful features for diagnosticians, briefly about them:
— Save, watch and continue work with saved diagnoses
— «Include», «obligatory», «exclude», «exclude unique connections». Such features will bring ability to get more precise results for picking combinations.

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